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Duncan Venison City Winter Pack

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Naturally raised, grass fed, Free range Venison.

  • Low in fat, calories and cholesterol, but bursting with Iron and goodness, easy to cook and ready in just minutes.
  • Duncan Pāmu Venison is ideal for any style of cuisine, be it a quick prepare on the barbeque or in a hot pan, in a salad, atop a pizza, as a spicy satay, and the Diced Goulash gives a wonderful slow cook option.
  • Gourmet Diced Goulash, flavoursome Bistro Fillets, and Premium Ground Mince, all tender, tasty and versatile, combined together in one pack to satisfy those winter comfort food cravings, and providing a nutritional protein punch that is truly The Natural Taste of New Zealand.
  • Prepare a meal or two on arrival, pop the balance into your freezer, and enjoy having a great protein option at your fingertips.
  • Perfect for busy, modern lifestyles.
Pack Includes: Servings Per Pack*            
0.5 kgs Pāmu Diced Goulash 2 - 3
1.0 kg Pāmu Bistro Fillets 2 - 3
0.5 kg Pāmu Premium Mince 2 - 3

All product is pre- aged, vacuum packed, and frozen in bags 200 – 300 gms for easy portioning.

Product may be re-frozen ONCE if partially thawed on arrival. 

Thaw out in fridge when ready for use, and ensure that product is kept refrigerated and consumed within 1 week from thawing.

Ensure that all handling and cooking instructions on this site and in accompanying leaflets is read.

 Premium Mince and Gourmet Diced Goulash are vacuum packed in 500 gm bags.

*Recommended Serving Size 180gms


To ensure your delicious venison reaches you at its best, we pack in speciality chill containers (which you can recycle), with an Icepax (which you can re-use)  and use Courier Post, however we are unable to make rural deliveries. If you have a rural address then please supply a non rural delivery address, maybe a friend or colleague with a street address. Unsure if your address is rural? You can use Courier Post's address checker tool to be sure.

Delivery Timelines

  • Order Cut Off Monday 10.00am for Tuesday despatch
  • Order Cut Off Tuesday 10.00am for Wednesday despatch
  • Order Cut Off Wednesday 10.00am for Thursday despatch

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