What is a Bistro Fillet?

The Bistro Fillet is a new cut of venison developed by Duncan Venison Ltd. The Bistro Fillet is consistently tender and tasty, pan ready, and ensures a guaranteed and reliable eating experience every time.

Where does the Bistro Fillet come from?

The Venison Bistro Fillet has been developed as a result of research, combined with chef and consumer consultation. Specifically developed by Duncan Venison, the Bistro Fillet specification is based around achieving a consistent level of taste and tenderness, every time.

What is a Pāmu Bistro Fillet?

A Pāmu Bistro Fillet is sourced from deer from Pāmu Farms.

Who are Pāmu Farms?

Pāmu is the brand used for Landcorp Farming’s products. It means ‘to farm’ in Maori, and reflects the care and respect for the land that these products come from. Visit Pāmu Farms online.

What does traceability mean?

Traceability is the ability to track product back to its source. For the consumer who cares about what they are eating, and where it has come from, this knowledge gives confidence around the integrity of the product.

Where can I buy Pamu Venison, or Duncan Venison?

Duncan Venison from Pāmu farms is currently available to buy online. All wholesale enquiries should be directed to Zealfresh, on 0800 493253.

Why is venison better for you than other meats?

Venison is wonderfully nutritious, with less fat than skinless chicken, considerably less fat than beef, twice the iron content of beef, and eight times that of chicken. It is naturally raised, free range, grass fed, and hormone and antibiotic free.

What is the difference between grass fed and grain fed?

Deer are ruminant animals, which means they were designed to eat grass. It keeps them happy and healthy.. A grass fed diet is healthier for our animals and healthier for us too. The deer we use for our products are free range, grazing on natural grasses,  and  have no hormones or antibiotics added to their diet. New Zealand is a temperate climate, and as such has grass available all year round to feed animals.

Why is Duncan Venison different?

Duncan New Zealand are a specialist venison company, and we have high standards that are different to other companies and unique to Duncan NZ. In addition we deliver a fantastic eating experience, which means not just supplying the highest quality meat, but providing a superior level of service, and tips for preparation. This ensures that the dining experience is just as good as it can be.

What does no GMO’s mean?

A GMO (or Genetically Modified Organism) is an organism where the genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering (or GE). Many modern foods and crops are genetically modified and many animals consume genetically modified feed during their lifetime. 

Can I supply Duncan Venison with my deer if I farm in New Zealand?

We are always happy to talk to new suppliers, and welcome your enquiry. If you want to be sure of getting space for your animals,  then talk to us and sign a contract ,  which guarantees your space. Spot purchases are difficult to plan for and can end up at the bottom of the space priority list. With specialist venison plants situated in Rotorua and Mosgiel, Duncan Venison can accommodate suppliers from all over New Zealand.

How do you cook Duncan Venison?

Venison is quick and simple to cook. Check out our online guide to perfect venison cooking. The rule of thumb to remember, is cook it hot, cook it fast, let it rest, and serve it medium rare.

Query not answered?

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