New Products from Duncan NZ Venison – Available July 1st 2016

Restuarant Quality, delivered direct to your door.

Duncan Venison Deskinned Loins, Bistro Fillets and Premium Mince, available in convenient 4 kg packs.


Servings per Pack

Duncan Venison Gourmet Pack


Bistro Fillets

Premium Mince





Duncan Venison Family Pack

Bistro Fillets

Premium Mince





All product is completely Pan Ready. No Waste. No Prep.

Bistro Fillets. New to the Market from Duncan NZ, developed to provide guaranteed consistency of taste and tenderness, Our team uses the very best raw material, sourced from our very best suppliers, to bring the NZ consumer an eating experience that is ‘The Natural Taste of New Zealand.’

Cervena® Natural Tender Venison

From the fresh, open farmlands of New Zealand comes a meat so tender, so delicious, that we gave it its own name. It's called Cervena® natural tender venison.

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