Creating a sustainable future for New Zealand Venison

Duncan New Zealand Venison

Duncan New Zealand is New Zealand’s leading specialised venison processor and marketer of natural farm raised Venison, Cervena® and associated products to a wide range of international markets.

Established in 1990 by current owners Andy and Vinnie Duncan, Duncan New Zealand have 25 years of tradition supplying venison from free range deer farms throughout New Zealand to discerning customers and markets around the world.  From the farm gate to the consumer plate, Creating a Sustainable Future for New Zealand Venison is our vision.

New Zealand Venison is a meat of exceptional taste, tenderness and nutritional value, that represents The Natural Taste of New Zealand.

Duncan New Zealand own and operate two purpose built venison processing sites located in the central North Island and lower South Island, perfectly placed to draw deer from farms throughout New Zealand.

We deliver the very best venison New Zealand has to offer under a brand that has a long history and reputation for quality and integrity.

Cervena® Natural Tender Venison

From the fresh, open farmlands of New Zealand comes a meat so tender, so delicious, that we gave it its own name. It's called Cervena® natural tender venison.

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