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Free range, grass-fed.

The natural taste of new Zealand

Grass-fed means something special in New Zealand. The clean air and consistent water supply enables growth of rich, green pastures all year round. Our deer graze freely on these lush pastures, with access to nutritional feed crops such as brassicas and beets during the winter months. The abundance of feed and grazing territory means our deer enjoy a life free from stress and confinement, promoting sustainable farming and better animal welfare.

With acres of space to roam on a diet of good grass, our deer grow lean and strong. The result is delicious, tender venison of the finest quality, with rich flavours and a delicate texture. Free range venison offers outstanding nutritional value with more protein and less fat than other red meats, along with an abundance of healthy vitamins and minerals.

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PĀMU FARMS of New Zealand

We are proud to be partnered with Pāmu Farms of New Zealand. Pāmu deer are naturally raised on several farms located across our country, from the rolling plains of the North Island to the high country of the South Island.

Pāmu Farms are an industry leading enterprise, employing state of the art farm management practices to maintain top quality grass pasture and outstanding animal welfare. Pāmu is the Māori word "to farm" and reflects the deep connection us kiwis have with the land, born from a desire to protect and enhance our local environment.

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Pure Freedom

Cervena is New Zealand Venison at it's purest. The deer are raised in a stress-free environment, without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics or preservatives. With acres to roam on rich New Zealand pasture, the deer grow healthy, lean and strong. This gives the meat a refined richness and subtle sweetness, with a delicate texture that melts in your mouth. Strict quality-assured standards guarantee consistency and quality in every cut, providing creative freedom across a range of culinary styles.

Cervena products are available all year-round, fresh or frozen. Please contact us via phone or email for any wholesale inquiries. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cook venison?

Venison is quick and easy to cook. The method depends on the cut of meat and style of cuisine, but a general rule of thumb is to sear it quickly over high heat, then let the meat rest for at least 5 minutes, and serve medium rare. Check out our tips and tricks for a step-by-step guide on how to cook your venison perfectly, every time.

What flavours does venison pair well with?

Farm-raised venison is naturally rich and tasty, and pairs well with the following herbs and spices.
Herbs: thyme, rosemary, sage, bay
Spices: black pepper, cloves, juniper, star anise, all spice
Fruits: blackberries, blueberries, cherries, prunes
Alcohol: red wine, ale, ciders
If you prefer to let the delicious flavour of your venison shine through, simply season the the meat plenty of salt and pepper just prior to cooking.

What does grass-fed mean?

Deer are ruminant animals, which means they are designed to eat grass. They are happiest when grazing on lush pastures, instead of being confined to grain feedlot systems. A diet of rich grass is healthier for the deer and healthier for us too, because it helps them grow lean and strong. Our deer are all grass-fed and free-range, grazing on natural New Zealand pasture all year round with no hormones, antibiotics or GMO's added to their diet.

What is a Duncan Venison Bistro fillet?

The Bistro Fillet is a new cut of venison developed by Duncan New Zealand Ltd. We endeavored to provide a unique cut of venison that is consistently tender and juicy, with no preparation needed prior to cooking. We consulted with chefs and our loyal customers, sampling the best venison cuts available and developed the Bistro Fillet, a cut that is consistently tasty and tender across a range of culinary styles.

What makes Duncan Venison different from other meats?

Duncan New Zealand are a specialist venison company, and we have high standards across all areas of our business which are different to other companies, and unique to Duncan NZ. Our vision is to provide outstanding dining experiences, which means supplying the highest quality meat with a superior level of service, as well as unique tips for preparation and cooking. If you feel your dining experience could be improved in any way, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

What does GMO Free mean?

A GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is an organism where the genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering. Many modern foods and crops are genetically modified, and many animals consume genetically modified feed during their lifetime. Our deer are not genetically modified in any way, nor is the grass they consume.

Can I supply Duncan Venison with my deer if I farm in New Zealand?

We are always happy to talk to new suppliers, and welcome your inquiry. If you want to secure space for your livestock, please get in touch with us. Spot purchases are difficult to plan for and can end up at the bottom of the priority list. With specialist venison plants situated in Rotorua and Mosgiel, Duncan Venison can accommodate suppliers from all over New Zealand.