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Quality Control Approved

Audited QC Systems

Duncan New Zealand recognises the value quality assurance delivers to both our customers and our own business. That's why there are audited quality control systems from the farm, throughout the entire supply chain to our customers. 

New Zealand has a reputation for exceptionally high levels of animal welfare. At Duncan NZ, we carefully and consistently uphold these standards. 

Our farmer suppliers are audited to the New Zealand Deer Quality Assurance program – a new farm assurance program developed with Deer Industry New Zealand. It provides an extensive and independently audited system, which covers animal health and welfare, a standard protected by government legislation, as well as all farm management practices, handling and facilities.

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The Deer Quality Assurance Program

Delivering consistent quality

Our systems focus on delivering a consistent, quality product.

The Deer Quality Assurance program also covers the transport of deer. Deer need gentle handling and drivers are trained to understand what is required. Every animal is inspected by Government Veterinarians, on arrival to the plant.

All product is independently checked by Asure Quality Inspectors, under supervision of Ministry for Primary Industries officials; Cervena® product is further audited by Deer Industry New Zealand.

Duncan New Zealand also have AA independent BRC (British Retail Consortium) food quality certification across both plants.

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Duncan Venison

High quality, premium protein

Chilled, aged Venison is probably the most tender red meat you will ever eat. All of Duncan New Zealand’s Venison is raised naturally and processed in government-accredited processing plants.

It is vacuum-packed to enhance eating quality and maximise shelf life. For more than 30 years, Duncan New Zealand has consistently delivered the ‘Natural Taste of New Zealand’ to customers, both locally and abroad. 

Chilled Venison shelf life:
Up to 14 weeks
(vacuum packed, 29.5–31°F / -1.5– -0.5°C)

Frozen Venison shelf life:
Up to 36 months

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